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Beeswax Candles Tripack by Bumble Bums


A beautiful addition to any room with a lovely natural beeswax smell. 


A 3 pack of Bumble Bum's small beeswax candles.


Each candle measures approx. 7cm high (not including wick) x 3cm wide


Average Burn time: 2 hours


The mildly sweet, natural honey scent of beeswax candles aids in relaxation, meditation and reduces stress, without being overwhelming as artificially scented candles can become. This increases when a candle is burning. They are paffarin free so don't create any dark smoke that is bad for your health, (beeswax candles actually decrease the amount of pollen and pollunant particle by dragging them to the ground using negative ions) 


These beeswax candles are made from pure manuka beeswax and are matched with a cotton wick based in beeswax. They smell of delicious honey and beeswax that only gets stronger in smell once lit.


Please note, there may be some variations in colour/ shade of prodcut due to this being a natural item.

Proudly made in North Canterbury, New Zealand

Small Beeswax Candles - Tripack

Only 2 left in stock
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