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by Helen Duyvestyn of One Life.


'The Mini-Book' revised edition is a guide to wellbeing, designed to be your pocket pal.


Available in 3 editions (pricing is per book):

The Mini-Book (General)

The Mini-Book for Men

The Mini-Book for Teens


It's a tiny A6 size, packed with simple but powerful tips, tricks, and techniques to help set you right when you're a bit out of sorts. You can pull this out in times of stress or overwhelm - or simply when you need a reminder of what you can do to help yourself.


The wisdom in this mini-book has been accumulated from over 20 years of working within the mental and physical health fields. It is the tools Helen as part of her work with people one on one.


It has been summarised, bundled up and packaged to be delivered directly to your mind in a simple, easy to read format. In the small wee pages your will find knowledge and reminders as to:

  • How to find joy in your life again

  • A simple guide to meditation

  • The foundational ‘basics’ of mental health and how to apply them


Teen Edition:

Similar to the original Mini-Book - the Mini-Book for teens has simple tools, tips and techniques which can be used by younger people to support their mental resilience and well-being.

Men Edition:

The Mini-book for Men is the One Life Mental Health and Well-being pocket guide to support your everyday mental resilience.



14.8cm x 10.5cm and 0.2cm thick


Proudly made in New Zealand

Mini Mental Health Book

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