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Mae  Card by Giving Seeds Of Love


This card comes with a seeded heart which is full of wildflowers. We will send you the card with the seeded heart stuck on the inside (the colour of the heart inside may vary from that shown) and kraft paper envelope.


The artwork is of Mae. Mae is a thoughtful, articulate and has a great sense of humor. She is creative and quiet. This drawing shows her quiet and shy side as she is quietly handing a single flower.The artwork on the card is by Sarina Dickson


This card comes with a seeded heart which is full of wildflowers. Wildflowers represent the beauty of diversity. Giving Seeds of Love's aim is to create a more inclusive society where our differences are seen as strengths. Purchasing a card helps in their goal of ‘growing meaningful connections on our planet’.


Card Size: A6 (10. 5 x 14.8cm)


Proudly made in New Zealand



More about Giving Seeds of Love:

Giving ‘Seeds of Love’ started as in initiative that offered a way for people to spend meaningful time and check in with each other, especially our children, after the events of the 15th of March in Christchurch. The founder, Rebecca Parnham is a social worker and worked with children who were struggling with anxiety after the Canterbury earthquakes. This initiative was initially about offering a process and advice in the aftermath of the events but has since grown and evolved into a proactive approach to promoting a more cohesive society. Giving Seeds of Love believes that when we get to know each other we see that we have more similarities than differences.


Mae Wildflower Card

Only 3 left in stock
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