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By Louann Sidon


A stunning stunning stunning acrylic on round plywood panel. 


Featuring a pensive Sun Bear leaning on a mossy, lichen and fungi covered rock in a garden of moth orchids in bold and vibrant colours and their snakey air roots wandering around the painting. Luna moths flutter around the bears head. The detail and colours in this work, as well as the vibrant colours set amongst the dark background (also featuring moody tones and a goldy drip technique) on a large 80cm round panel make this piece really breathtaking and one not to wait around for!


Please note, the moths in this image are a bit bolder in colour, they are painted with a paint that has a bit of lustre in it. 


Measures 80cm in diameter and 1.5cm deep. 


Proudly made in Canterbury, New Zealand


'Paradise' Original Art

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