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Honey Infused Goat's Milk Soap by Bumble Bums


Available in 2 designs - Bee or Honeycomb (sold individually).




Measures approx: 4.2cmx 3.7cm x 1.3cm


Honey - create a protective layer on the skin and also increases lather. It has healing, antibacterial and humectant properties with a beautiful aromatic scent.


Goats Milk - rich in both saturated (increases lather) and unsaturated fats,(moisturizing and nourishing properties), natural exfoliant, rich in vitamins A and E which keeps your skin looking younger and reduce lines. Its also almost identical to the pH of human skin, meaning it is great for those with sensitive skin.


Proudly made in North Canterbury, New Zealand


Bumble Bums puts ​​​​​love and thought into each product - taking the time when they create a product to get it right. They use ingredients that are not only natural but that are chosen specifically for their researchable properties to create something worth using. 

Honey & Milk Soap

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