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Ceramic Bud Vase by Creative Clay Studio


These stunning bud vases are fired in a ceramic kiln to a very high temperatures so are perfect for fresh flowers. Made using a tan clay, which you can see on the bottom area of the vase and underglazed in a striking blue with tones of turquoise over top of a beautiful brown base. This beautiful technique of the glazing has ended up in a 'wet look' blue, which has me thinking of the ocean and calming water with the deeper base and turquoise highlights. This bud vase packs an extra characterful punch with it's beautiful organic round shape and asymmetrical neck. A stunning addition to any home.


Approximate measurements: 9cm tall, 6cm diameter with a 2cm opening at the top.


Proudly made in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Striking Blue Bud Vase #2

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