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Woven Art By Woven Sparkle


Beautiful textured handmade art for your walls!


Handwoven, handmade wall hanging. A crisp cotton woven backing with golden woven threads woven thoughtfully in various places make the basis for the bold knotted fore pieces of this gradiated from white and creamy natural tones into vibrant blues. Woollen textures are contrasted with torn edge cotton pieces (featuring floral patterns with light and delicate pinks and green) and lace thrown into the mix too. Founded on wood at the top and hung with string. 

This is a one of a kind, beautiful piece of fibre art. Perfect for any room.
Great addition to a gallery wall too.

Approx measurements:

51cm long when hanging
23cm wide



Proudly made in Canterbury, New Zealand

Blue Woven Rainbow

Only 1 left in stock
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