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by Little Wolf Studio.


These funky little companions are the most stylish in all the woodlands. Dressing for multiple occasions, be it the cold with a beanie, or formal attire with a bow and top hat or both!

Made using laser cut bamboo and hand painted. Each size is a different colour (some not pictured).


Bear face measures approx 1.6cm high x 2.1cm wide and wood depth 0.4cm

(to give you an idea of size).


Comes in a beautiful little box measuring 8cm x 5.8cm and approx 3cm deep


Available in 3 sizes (while stocks last): 6.5 US, 7 1/4 US, and 8 US.

Please note: the colour changes on each. The 8 US is the one in the photographs, while the 6.5 US is and a shade of lavendar. And the 7 1/4 is mint green. 


Proudly made in Canterbury, New Zealand

Bear Stacker Ring

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